Orcas Island, Washington

My very first blog post! Starting things off with a recap of a recent trip David and I took to the beautiful San Juan Islands, which are about three hours north of Seattle. For me, the main attraction to these islands is that they’re said to be the best place in the WORLD to see orca whales in the wild. Now I’ve got a serious love for whales, so we figured out the best time of year to spot them and booked our trip!


On Friday, we left work a few hours early and started our trek North. After a quick stop in Seattle for dinner (at Dick’s of course), we made it to Anacortes after about six hours. From Anacortes, you need to take a ferry to get to the  islands, so we decided to stay on the mainland that night in an Airbnb and wake up bright and early for the ferry ride the next day.

On Saturday, we got up and headed straight to the Anacortes ferry terminal, where we had already reserved a spot on the 7 am ferry to Orcas Island. The ferry ride was an adventure in and of itself- standing on the top deck with a hot coffee, the wind whipping our hair, and taking in the beautiful views. We did have a hat casualty though, so lesson learned for next time to cinch them on extra tight 😉


Once we made it to Orcas, we hopped back in the car and headed to Mount Constitution in Moran State Park on the east side of the island. Once there, we climbed up an old stone watch tower and were greeted at the top with a stunning view of the whole San Juan archipelago. Pictures don’t do it justice.


We also couldn’t help but carve our initials into the siding of the tower…


After taking in the views, we got back in the car and drove into Eastsound, the biggest town on the island. We stopped into Brown Bear Baking and got the most amazing pastries, and snacked on them while strolling around the charming town.


Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the ferry terminal to catch our next ferry to San Juan Island. More on that (and whale watching!) next time.




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