San Juan Island, Washington

After exploring Orcas Island, we hopped back on a ferry headed to San Juan Island, the most populated island in the archipelago. After a quick rest at our Airbnb, we drove into the main town, Friday Harbor, and checked in for our sunset kayak tour. The tour ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was the perfect way to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the islands.


Unfortunately we didn’t see any whales from our kayaks, but we did come across the biggest jellyfish I’ve EVER seen. I was too busy freaking out to get any pictures, but it’s body was bigger than a basketball and it very casually floated right under my kayak. In a less scary encounter later on, our guide found a dead jellyfish and we all passed it around to check it out.


We also saw an adorable baby seal and got to venture into a cave.




The next day was the part of the trip we were most excited for: a three hour whale watching tour aboard a big old boat. Before our tour started we checked out the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor and got extra hyped up. Once our boat set sail, we watched and watched and watched but no whales. We saw some seals, harbor porpoises, and bald eagles but STILL no whales. We were pretty darn disappointed but at least we were able to get a rain check for a future trip.


For the rest of our trip (that night AND the next morning) we posted up with our hammock and warm drinks at the Lime Kiln Lighthouse which is known to be the best onshore whale watching spot on the islands. We stared at the water, we listened to the hydrophone (pretty cool), we pestered the naturalists, but alas…no whales for us this trip.



Even though there were no orcas this time around, we still had an incredible time and are now even more excited for our next trip to the San Juan Islands!

Still kinda tempted to photoshop a breaching orca into this pic though…



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