Spooky Vibes in Astoria, OR

Last weekend, David and I headed to Astoria, a coastal/river town most famous for being the setting of the cult classic movie The Goonies. We initially booked a campsite, but last minute decided that we didn’t want to risk camping in the rain. We lucked out when we found an open room at a bed and breakfast instead. So glad we changed our plans because the weekend ended up bringing crazy storms (and even a tornado farther south on the OR coast!).

First thing we did when we arrived was check out the Goonies house. Unfortunately the public isn’t allowed to approach it, but we did get to glimpse it from our car. We ended up driving all over the neighborhoods, checking out the cool homes, which pretty much ALL have a view. Then we ended up at the Maritime Museum which was the perfect rainy day outing.


Later, we headed to Buoy Beer Company for some lunch, beers, game playing, and SEA LION viewing. Part of the brewery has a glass floor where you can look down to the sea lions below, which makes it pretty much my favorite brewery ever.


We explored some of the shops downtown to kill time until we could check into our bed and breakfast, The Rose River Inn. This b&b ended up being the absolute highlight of the trip. It was incredibly cozy. Our room (the Othello Room) even had a fireplace and a claw foot tub.




After relaxing in our room, we walked down to Fort George Brewery for dinner and more beer. Another great space with great food.

Once we made it back to our room and went to sleep, things got interesting. David and I both woke up multiple times hearing bizarre noises that sounded like someone pacing right outside our door. The house is over 100 years old so if you ask me, I think we had a ghost encounter. The thunder and lightning all night only added to the spookiness.


Speaking of hauntings, if this house across the street wasn’t haunted then I don’t know what is.


The next day we had an amazing breakfast at the b&b and then headed off to Fort Stevens State Park. Even though we’ve both been before, it was fun to check out the shipwreck and old military fort in the rainy weather. Walking through the old deteriorating barracks in the rain, with no one else around, I swear I could feel more spirits or some kind of eerie energy in the place…


Our last stop was for cozy fireside cocktails and lunch at The Gearhart Hotel in Seaside, which was the perfect cap to our trip. Feeling totally Halloween-ready after that weekend!


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