Searching for Floats in Lincoln City, OR

So every year in the coastal town of Lincoln City, OR, “float fairies” hide about 3,000 glass floats on the beach between October and May, and if you find one, you get to keep it! Floats are hollow glass balls that were once used by fishermen to keep nets afloat, but today they stand alone as beautiful pieces of art. More info on the Lincoln City floats here. As soon as David and I heard about this tradition, we knew we had to go search.

70fa49cfca6489b53ac08e203a9265a7Not my photo. Source here.

We rented an awesome Airbnb studio for the weekend which was perfectly located and perfectly cozy for the two of us. If you’re ever looking for an affordable place to stay in Lincoln City, check out their listing here.

On Saturday, we spent the day traipsing all over the seven miles of Lincoln City beaches searching for floats. We would park at a public access area, then walk for about a mile before turning back and driving to the next access spot. Long story short, we didn’t find any floats but it was so much fun just being out there on the beach all day.



We talked to some locals who have searched for floats for years and never found any, so we didn’t feel too bad about our luck. I’m dead set on finding one SOME day though, so we’ll be back next year!

And if you’re ever in Lincoln City you HAVE to have breakfast/brunch at the Otis Cafe. The pumpkin bread is to die for.



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